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Melbourne home by Clare Cousins (via Pinterest)


Can’t Buy Happiness: 5 Ways to Make Your Home A Happier Place

(by Ektory Elf from

1. Be organised
Organising things in your home means taking out the trash (Anything you have not worn or used in 2 years or more, throw it out once and for all) and everything else you decide to keep, clean and tidy. You will be surprised how uncluttering your space can unclutter your mind too. Categorise and label your things if you have to. Put them in strategic places where you are most likely to use them, so it is accessible and convenient.
Golden Rule: Always put things back at the same place you took them from.

2. Embrace white
It is always a good idea to start with a blank canvas and there is no better way to do that than with white - pure white. Paint your whole house white and work from there. It is a classic colour and never gets boring. Imagine starting with a coloured wallpaper, and instantly, it becomes something that is fixed and everything else like furniture has to work with it. White is different, white is flexible.
Golden Rule: When in doubt, always use pure white.

3. Add your favourite colour
You know there is this one colour that always looks good on you. That blue that brings out your eyes. That red that always works with your skin tone. For Ektory, gold and orange always looks good on us. Find out what that colour is and use it in the colour of your furniture, curtains etc. to flatter you. Facing your favourite colours everyday is pleasant. I tried gold decor and it works wonderfully for me.
Golden Rule: Stick to one or at most 2 shades of your favourite colour.

4. Be inspired
What inspires you? Bring it into your home! Hang portraits of lovers in every major city in the world, fresh flowers on your coffee table, anything that is shaped like a pineapple… it can be anything as long as it is something you love. I love pink donuts and I got it in different versions around the room- a swimming float, a coin bank, a soft toy, a purse and a drawing. It makes me happy looking at it everyday.
Golden Rule: Bring a little ‘feel good’ into your home.

5. Reflect with mirrors
Now that the home is happy and cosy if you followed all the above 4 ways, you are ready for the last step - Multiplying the happiness. Like what you see in your home now? Reflect with mirrors to see more of it, create more space and light into your home and into your heart. Try mirrored furniture like tables and even cosmetic boxes.
Golden Rule: Do not overdo it by using mirrors just to fill up empty spaces, put it in a position that reflects something that is worth looking at.

Remember, happiness starts at home!

By Ektory Elf
Writer for blog

(images from cozamia, House of Philia, etsy, Lauren Conrad, Lilly Bunn)



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